Our Constitution

Constitution For Beorma Morris

The aim of Beorma Morris is to dance Border Morris and whatever other styles of morris dancing the side decides; and to promote morris dancing. We aim for as high a standard of dance and costume as practicable. We are a non-profit making organisation. We are open to dancers and musicians of all ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders and sexual orientations. We make no distinction between musicians and dancers. Our aim is to work as a collective and help members to take as much, or as little responsibility as they desire in the running and organizing of the side. Dancers are encouraged to learn an instrument so that they can play when not dancing, musicians are encouraged to dance if they so desire.


A member shall be defined as any person who has danced/played out with the side and has attended recent practices. In the event of a contested membership the final decision on membership will be taken by a simple majority of the side.
We welcome dancers and musicians of all ages.
Dancers or musicians under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
A quorum will be a simple majority of the membership.

The side shall nominate a member to deal with press and the media. The nominated person shall be the sole spokesman for the side unless and until a majority vote to the contrary. The nominated person will canvass opinion and reflect the views of the majority if time allows, but if there is a time constraint then they are authorised to speak for the side. All media and press enquiries will be directed to the nominated person. A second person shall also be nominated in the event of the first being unavailable.

Dancing Out

The decision on the personel and order of dances for each danceout will be collective and the relevant member will produce and circulate a set list beforehand.


The treasurer should:


The side will actively seek to raise money for charities and good causes as well as its own coffers. The charities to be supported will be approved by a simple majority of members.


We aim for a high standard of kit and wish to promote a side 'look' rather than uniformity. We actively encourage members to innovate within our guidelines. Full kit is required for danceouts not practices.

Kit currently consists of:

In line with the traditions of Border Morris dancing we paint our faces as a means of disguise. The basic disguise is a plain black face but members are free to innovate and use colour creatively, with the emphasis on the side colours of black, pink and green. In the case of disagreement the matter will be resolved by a simple majority vote by the side as a whole.
It is acceptable to wear a mask rather than paint one's face. Here again in the case of a disagreement the matter will be resolved by a simple majority vote of members.
Musicians wear the same basic kit as dancers.
The kit regulations do not apply to members of other sides, guests or members of the public who are invited to dance or play with the side.
The side as a whole is responsible for determining whether a member's kit is up to the required standard for dancing out.
Kit paid for by the side remains the property of the side when a member leaves, but the side may vote to allow the member to keep the kit. The member will also have the option of buying their kit from the bag.
Kit paid for by a member (eg. A bought hat) remains the property of the member if they leave the side.
Equipment bought by the side, such as sticks and drums, remains the property of the side and should be returned when members leave.


The AGM will be held at the first practice in October.
There will be no elected officers other than treasurer, who will be nominated and elected by simple majority in the case of more than one nomination.
However, there will be a list of tasks, identified by the side as a whole, prior to the AGM that need to be carried out for the effective management of the side.
Any member can nominate themselves to carry out some of these tasks. If more than one person puts themselves forward for a particular task, then they will jointly share that task.
The work involved in the task should be agreed between all those who have nominated themselves for the task.
If a member, for whatever reason, can no longer perform that task, then they should inform other members involved in that task as soon as practical.
If there should be a difference of opinion as to how the task should be carried out which cannot be solved amicably, then the issue should be referred to the side as a whole for further discussion and resolution. The majority decision of the side will be final


If a matter arises that requires an Emergency General Meeting (EGM), then this should be discussed with the whole side , who will determine if a meeting should be called. Two weeks notice is required for an EGM to allow time for all members to be notified and to be made aware of the issues to be discussed. If the issue is time critical and two weeks is too long, then the side will make a decision on the issue. All decisions will be by simple majority.

Dissolution of the Side:

If the side disbands, the members will vote on how to dispose of assets, both financial and material, with a focus on donating items to other sides. Any remaining monies owned by the side will be given to a charity or charities nominated by a simple majority of the remaining members.

Open Morris

The side abides by the rules and regulations of Open Morris - through whom it is insured.


Any of the articles, except this one, in this constitution are subject to change at any time by either an EGM or the AGM.

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